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Frequently Asked Questions

Plant a Tree


  1. What is Hello Green Tomorrow?

    Hello Green Tomorrow is a unique global grassroots mobilization developed by Avon to empower a global environmental women’s movement to nurture nature. Avon is uniquely able to educate and engage people worldwide through our woman-to-woman network of more than 6 million Sales Representatives, who each year serve some 300 million customers.

    The first campaign of Avon Hello Green Tomorrow is to drive “green” education and to raise funds to help replant and restore the Atlantic Rainforest in South America, which will benefit the well-being of all people everywhere and help ensure a better future for the next generation. It is the first global fundraising and replanting campaign focused on a single location and coordinated by a single organization. Avon kicked off the Hello Green Tomorrow program by donating the first $1 million to plant and restore 1 million trees.

  2. Why is Avon launching a tree planting campaign?

    Avon has the unique capacity to reach, engage and mobilize people to be a force for good. We have successfully mobilized millions of people for the causes of breast cancer and domestic violence, and wish to use the same reach and resources to help people have an impact on the environment. Through Hello Green Tomorrow, Avon can make a tangible impact on the environment by engaging our more than 6 million independent Sales Representatives and 300 million customers worldwide – a virtual army mobilized to help save the planet. Tree planting is a critical effort, but it is also simple to understand and execute: for every $1.00, one tree is planted. With a simple act, people can help make a positive difference for the earth and for future generations.

  3. Why is this different than other tree planting programs?

    Hello Green Tomorrow is the first-ever coordinated global program that is mobilizing people worldwide to join together to raise funds to support a single critical eco-system through one global program. People in more than 65 countries are joining together under Avon Hello Green Tomorrow to make a difference and save the Atlantic Rainforest. By engaging millions of people in a simple act – $1.00 per tree – this “army” will drive major change that will have a positive effect on the Atlantic Rainforest and the planet for generations to come.

  4. What is the ultimate goal?

    Avon’s goal is to leverage our reach and resources to mobilize a global army for positive environmental change. The dual mission of Hello Green Tomorrow is to replant the critical Atlantic Rainforest and to advance “green” behavior among millions of people worldwide, thereby having a positive impact on the earth and helping ensure a better world for future generations.

  5. Why does the program support the Atlantic Rainforest?

    The Atlantic Rainforest in South America is one of the most critically endangered ecosystems in the world, with only 7% remaining. Tropical forests such as the Atlantic Rainforest serve as the “lungs of the earth,” and the restoration of this forest will have a positive impact on people everywhere by helping remove dangerous “greenhouse gas” from the atmosphere, mitigating climate change, and supporting an extraordinary diversity of plants, animals and birds which are rarely found in other parts of the world. The Atlantic Rainforest supports 20,000 species of plants, 1,000 species of birds and 23 primate species, many found nowhere else on earth.

    Deforestation is second only to the burning of fossil fuels as a source of carbon dioxide emissions (one of the key “greenhouse gases”) that cause climate change. If the entire Atlantic Rainforest is restored, it will ultimately remove 10 million tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year.

  6. Where is Hello Green Tomorrow taking place?

    Avon is mobilizing citizens in more than 65 countries on five continents for Hello Green Tomorrow. The fundraising will support the reforestation efforts in the South American Atlantic Rainforest, which spans Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. These millions of people will join together, each taking small actions for the benefit of all people worldwide. See the “Where” section of this website for a complete list of participating countries.

  7. How long will Hello Green Tomorrow continue?

    The key period for Hello Green Tomorrow is April-May 2010, with the goal of announcing funds raised – and trees to be planted – on June 5, which is UN World Environment Day. However, the campaign will continue after this first milestone announcement and Avon will continue to support Hello Green Tomorrow.


  1. How do I get involved and how can I “plant” a tree?

    Every $1.00 plants a tree –it’s that simple. In the US, see your independent Avon Sales Representative or click the link on this website to buy directly. If you’re located in one of the countries participating in the program, you can contact a local independent Avon Sales Representative or visit the local market Avon website to learn more. Visit the “Where” section of to see the list of countries.

    In addition to directly supporting Hello Green Tomorrow, we invite you to spread the word to others to get involved, and also practice “green behaviors” in your every day life to reduce your own impact on the earth. See the “green tips” section of this website, and share your own tips as well.

  2. Can people outside my home country take part?

    Yes – citizens around the world are participating. Avon has launched Hello Green Tomorrow in more than 65 markets. Click here or visit the “Where” section of this website for a list of countries and links.

  3. If my country is not participating in this program is there a way I can support this effort?

    Avon is able to collect funds for the reforestation of the Atlantic Rainforest only in participating countries. However, we encourage all people worldwide to engage in “green” behavior and find ways to reduce your impact on the earth. See the tips on this website and share your own ideas. If every person makes changes in their behavior we can together create significant change.


  1. Who is partnering with Avon for Hello Green Tomorrow?

    Avon has partnered with conservation leaders to ensure the authenticity of the program. The Nature Conservancy, on location in South America with its Brazil-based team and local conservation partners, will plant and restore the trees as well as monitor the restored forest, ensuring the long-term benefits of the Atlantic Rainforest. Trees planted through the Hello Green Tomorrow program support the United Nations Environment Programme Plant for the Planet Billion Tree campaign.

  2. What is UNEP and the Plant for the Planet Billion Tree Campaign?

    UNEP is the voice for the environment within the United Nations systems. The UNEP mission is to provide leadership and encourage partnership in caring for the environment by inspiring, informing, and enabling nations and peoples to improve their quality of life without compromising that of future generations. The Hello Green Tomorrow program supports the UNEP Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign, a worldwide tree planting initiative that encompasses people, communities, businesses, industry, civil society organizations and governments in 170 countries. The Billion Tree Campaign will make a substantial contribution to the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity, raising awareness of the importance of biodiversity for our well-being. Click here to learn more.

  3. What is The Nature Conservancy and what is their role in Hello Green Tomorrow?

    The Nature Conservancy is a US-based organization founded in 1951 and is the leading conservation organization working around the world to protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people. The organization works in more than 30 countries and has protected more than 119 million acres of land and 5,000 miles of rivers worldwide, and they operate over 100 marine conservation projects globally. The Conservancy is a key partner in the Avon Hello Green Tomorrow program. Working with its Brazil-based team and local conservation partners, The Nature Conservancy will plant and restore the trees as well as monitor the restored forest, ensuring the long-term benefits of the Atlantic Rainforest. Click here to learn more.


  1. Where does the money go?

    All funds raised will be used to replant the Atlantic Rainforest. Starting with the first $1 million donated directly by Avon, and building with funds raised worldwide, for every $1.00, one tree is planted and restored. All of the funds will be utilized by The Nature Conservancy, including its Brazil-based team and local conservation partners, to plant and restore the trees, and they will also monitor the restored forest, ensuring the long-term benefits of the Atlantic Rainforest.

  2. How is Avon supporting the Hello Green Tomorrow program?

    Avon directly donated the first $1 million to launch Hello Green Tomorrow, which will plant and restore 1 million trees. In addition, Avon is dedicating extensive resources in more than 65 markets worldwide to promote and manage the Hello Green Tomorrow campaign. This includes the mobilization of millions of independent Avon Sales Representatives to support the campaign as well as drive “green” behavior in their own business and lives.

  3. How much of each purchase is used for the program?

    Every penny supports the Atlantic Rainforest. Avon takes no profit. For every $1.00, one tree is planted, starting with the first $1 million donated direct from Avon, plus every $1.00 raised from citizens around the world.

  4. What do I get in return for my purchase?

    Each $1.00 plants a tree, and through this you will have helped save the endangered Atlantic Rainforest in South America and helped mitigate climate change and offset pollution and greenhouse gas. For every $1.00, you will also receive a Thank You Certificate/Educational Flyer that includes “green” tips. If you buy a tree online, you will receive this electronically, and those who purchase via a traditional order through their Avon Sales Representative receive a copy printed on “certified” paper. The certificate/flyer is a helpful reference that is a great piece to present to a friend or loved one, or to use yourself as a reminder of your support for this important effort.

  5. Can I purchase a tree in honor of someone?

    Yes – the thank you certificate/educational flyer has space to fill in the name of the honoree and add a personal message or signature. However, Avon is not tracking the names of customers or honorees.

  6. Is there a product connected to the Hello Green Tomorrow program?

    There is no product manufactured or sold to support Hello Green Tomorrow. Avon’s goal is to avoid creating any new material items for this project.

  7. Why is Avon giving a paper certificate if this is a tree planting effort?

    The Thank You Certificate/Educational Flyer serves the mission of sharing tips on green behavior and helping educate and remind people of the impact of even small every day actions. Education is an important part of the Hello Green Tomorrow mission. Individuals who support Hello Green Tomorrow online will receive the Thank You Certificate/Educational Flyer electronically. For those who do not have Internet access, or who choose to support the program through a “traditional” order placed with their independent Avon Sales Representative, the item will be supplied in printed form on certified paper.


  1. What is the Atlantic Rainforest and where is it located?

    The Atlantic Rainforest is a critically endangered tropical forest on the Atlantic (western) coast of South America that spans Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. Only 7% remains, much of it in small pockets that cannot sustain the extraordinary biodiversity of native plants, animals and bird life, many found no where else on earth. The Atlantic Rainforest is one of the tropical forests that serve as the “lungs of the earth,” and the restoration will have a positive impact on the well being of everyone, everywhere.

  2. How much of the Atlantic Rainforest will be replanted through Hello Green Tomorrow?

    Avon has donated the first $1 million for 1 million trees, and through fundraising efforts in more than 65 countries we hope to plant millions more. Every 1 million trees planted restores approximately 2,500 acres of land.

  3. What kind of trees will be planted?

    Indigenous trees will be planted, such as the following (definitions courtesy of The Nature Conservancy):

    • Capororoca Tree (Myrsine ferruginea): The fruit of the Capororoca is feast for the animals, especially birds like the Rufous-bellied Thrush.

    • Golden Trumpet Tree (Tabebuia umbellate): Beloved for its yellow flowers, popular belief holds that when it blooms, no more frosts will occur. The wood has the same fire rating as concrete and is denser than water. Its increasing popularity has led to an abundance of illegal logging activity.

    • Guapuruvu Tree (Schizolobium parahyba): The Guapuruva is an indigenous plant of the Atlantic Forest, found nowhere else on earth. It is one of the native species with the fastest growth rate.

    • Ice Cream Bean Tree (Inga edulis): Known for its high production of leafy biomass, the Ice Cream Bean tree controls weeks and erosion. Its popular fruit is a long pod, sometimes a few feet in length, containing a white juicy pulp surrounded by large seeds. The pulp is sweet, and resembles vanilla ice cream.

  4. When will the trees be planted?

    The Nature Conservancy will work with their Brazil-based team and local conservation partners to schedule the tree plantings over time and across varied geographic locations within the Atlantic Rainforest. They will follow the best standards of forest stewardship in order to ensure the long-term health of the forest and success of the restoration efforts.

  5. Can I locate the tree(s) I planted with my $1.00?

    We are not able to pinpoint the location of specific trees.


  1. Is Avon a “green” company?

    Avon’s founding principals in 1886 include the statement: “To meet fully the obligations of corporate citizenship by contributing to the well-being of society and the environment in which it functions.” Avon remains committed to environmental stewardship in our business operations, and details on our efforts and impact can be found in the “Environment” section of our Corporate Responsibility website.

    At our locations worldwide, we are committed to reducing our global environmental footprint, including the issue of climate change, by efforts that include reducing waste, recycling, conserving energy and water, and monitoring and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We have received recognition for our efforts in many countries – including #25 on the Newsweek green rankings of the top 500 largest US companies – but environmental stewardship is an ongoing journey, and we are working towards constant improvement in all our processes in the more than 100 countries in which we do business.

  2. What is Avon’s position on forestry and paper?

    Avon has created the Avon Paper Promise to outline our position and goals on forestry and paper, and the complete text can be found on the “Environment” section of our Corporate Responsibility website. We recognize that business leadership carries a responsibility to the environment and the world's forests. The global pulp and paper industry is associated with significant environmental impacts, from forest degradation and destruction, to water and air pollution, including carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. At the same time, wood and paper are renewable natural resources that, when sourced under a responsible program, can represent a sustainable material choice.

    It is Avon’s vision to achieve sustainable use of forest resources. In support of this vision, and in to drive responsible paper procurement in particular for the Avon product brochure, the Avon Paper Promise includes the goal of sustainable forest use, meaning:

    • Supporting forest growth at a rate faster than harvesting

    • Helping drive socially and environmentally responsible conservation, restoration and reforestation of timberlands

    • Where available and cost effective, purchase 100% of our paper from certified and or post consumer recycled content sources by 2020, with a preference for use of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper